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Mindfulness al lavoro: email-apnea e stress

It’s believed that many of us spend seven hours or more in front of screens each day. Have you ever wondered why, after spending hours on email, you feel tense and tight? Why you feel more anxious than before? Or why, even after you’ve stopped, your mind keeps spinning?

Research shows that 80% of all employees suffer email apnea: the habit of temporarily suspending one’s breath when engaged with a screen.

Interruptions of breathing contribute to stress and stress-related disorders. Shallow breathing, breath-holding or hyperventilating activate a “fight or flight” response, aggravate physical pain, interrupt memory and the learning process, and contribute to sleep problems.

So, if you are feeling stressed or tired at work, you might want to observe your breathing.

5 ways to breath better while emailing:

1. Sit up tall: A good posture (straight, relaxed back) promotes essential breathing.

2. Practice mindfulness: While processing your emails, pause regularly to simply observe your breath with kindness.

3. Cease multitasking: Multitasking releases more cortisol. In other words, we get more stressed and closed-minded while multitasking. Do one thing at the time.

4. Slow down: Notice if your feel rushed or under pressure. This is just an invitation to slow down in order that you can promote your rational and out-of-the-box thinking. Slow down, try to prolong your exhaling before you reply to emails.

5. Start a daily breath practice: Observe your breath for 3/5 minutes each morning, and you will notice with time that your feel more connected to your breath. You can also subscribe to my podcast to remain updated and to receive regular meditation practices.

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