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What is Stress & Burnout coaching?

Stress & burnout coaching is an intensive and systematic form of coaching (profession recognized by Law 4/2913) aimed at achieving the goals defined together with the subject according to his needs and priorities.


These goals consist of understanding the sources of stress and improving skills in reducing and managing it, through the enhancement and enhancement of their resources.

The coach assists people with stress disorders or burnout interactively, and through an exploratory and respectful approach, helps the individual to overcome their problems, through relaxation and breathing techniques, cognitive-behavioral training, rational emotional training and mindfulness.


The intervention of a stress coach is very effective, as with a coaching path the personality is restructured to become less vulnerable in the face of certain events and less likely to suffer stress reactions.


Coaching is a method of personal growth and development, relatively new in Italy, established in the United States for over 50 years. It is a highly efficient and rapid tool that helps people find new solutions and new ways to relate to themselves and others in order to increase their satisfaction in private and professional life.


Coaching is not a therapy, the coach is not a psychotherapist, a psychologist, a consultant, he is a facilitator who proposes a way of introspection suitable for those who want to develop a personal project and find concrete solutions.


The coach accompanies the coachee to discover his talents, helps him to express his potential to the maximum through a project of targeted growth, with specific goals, which through generative questions, exercises and an action plan with concrete goals, facilitates change through a clear and motivating vision of his role and the future.

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