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Stress and our skin

Unfortunately too often the deleterious role of the level of stress on health is underestimated, but the increase in cortisol, famous as the stress hormone, can cause small short circuits in our body that manifest themselves in the form of skin imperfections.

Psychophysical stress increases its production and alters delicate adjustment mechanisms, giving rise to typical symptoms of dermatitis, especially on the face, neck, arms, chapel leather, hands and feet.

Stress dermatitis is often confused with allergic or contact eczema, while it is nothing more than a somatization of stress and can be diagnosed by exclusion.

What to do?

- At the first symptoms it is important to undergo a dermatological examination and in case stress is confirmed as a cause, it is necessary to intervene to trace the source of stress and tension.

- Ensure good and correct nutrition (rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron), sooth symptoms with suitable products and act on the cause effectively.

- In case it is not possible to eliminate the source of stress, it is essential to learn relaxation techniques to reduce tension.

👉Meditation practices and sport are great allies to ease the pressure of a stressful life.


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