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Grounding symbolizes stability, sense of security, reliability, balance, strength, ability to support yourself, ...

Traumatising events, attachment disorders and other negative experiences of abuse or neglect can affect the safety of the base, undermining the sense of solidity and anchoring, which is one of the conditions to be able to proceed in daily life and establish meaningful relationships.

In this way, therefore, a lack of balance and references is experienced that makes you feel disoriented and lost, an inability to concentrate, to feel adequate, emotionally reactive until you feel, among other things, real panic.

When we do not feel rooted, it is difficult to respond to our problems, adversities and challenges of life, because flexibility and the ability to act effectively in the face of difficult circumstances are lacking.

Through Mindfulness, you can rediscover various somatic resources that help rooting.

How to practice grounding?

The easiest way is just standing straight with the feet at shoulder distance, to close delicately the eyes and to concentrate on the sensations in the legs and the feet. To feel the ground supporting your body, giving your strenght and nutrition.

I suggest to do this exercise barefoot, in the nature to experience greater benefits. It is also very important to bring the breath in the belly. Chest breathing brings you up to the sky, it will make you feel unstable.

Good practice! For any questions or doubts, I am at disposal!


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